When we go away – do the butterflies play : -)

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    or should that be lay…. : ))))

    I got sick of waiting for eggs to be laid on our plants here, so I finally gave up and took in a potted plant to my mums in town. We all took off on a day trip somewhere and come back to find some nice little "deposits" on the potted plant. : ) All good.

    Heh get home to find what? Yep Lady love has flown by and done her thing here as well. GREAT. Im stoked.


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    Hi Jan

    What a lovely afternoon and nice to meet to you.
    I have just posted above about sharing anything we learned.




    Hi all Monarch Lovers, How lovely it was to meet you all today, What a great idea this picnic was, we should do it more often. I had meet a few before at Chamberlain Park, Western Springs, but this was more laid back and more time to chat. Thanks for the seeds Jacqui we will do our best with them and will perhaps have a lovely show of Wildflowers for nectar.Good luck to you all for the rest of the Season. mijan



    Haha you too macmonkey, well thats amazing! considering youre up in Tokoroa and Im in the Manawatu….well there must be something in the air today :-). I tried to do a “head count” and we all know that that is easier said than done when you have quite a bit of foliage to look at. Anywayz I only saw a grand total of ONE for about 3 or 4 minutes then then the others started “showing themselves”. I saw about 20 to 30 eggs and I bet theres at least double that. Im going to let the nets stay open part of the way through tomorrow, then close things up.

    Neato my seasons underway!




    Hi Swansong,
    i know the feeling. Apart from the rescue pillars we have had not a single egg for over a month and today bammm 30+ eggs on the 3 plants that I had out for offer. Chrysalis have started to change colour so heres to a great Alk Anniversary weekend.
    cheers Stu

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