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    Chris from Whangarei. By this time of year I'm usually being eaten out of house & home. This year I haven't seen 1 butterfly! Saw a couple in Whangarei but most of plants have no caterpillars & noticed they are all covered with aphids. I try & kill mine as soon as they appear. No sightings of paper wasps either not even nests.

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    wow, 100 swan plants! That must be so amazing …

    I only have about 6 plants but I've had about 25 Chrysalis' since mid January which is heaps for me … 6 of them are turning a darker colour at the moment. About 3 of them have been eaten by … ants!! It's disgusting. I also have smaller caterpillars being eaten by wasps .. but they leave the bigger ones alone.

    We've had a really wet summer in Hamilton too …

    I've also seen heaps more yellow admirals around my house too … I used to only see one or two over the whole summmer, but I've seen around 5 over the last few weeks, unless it's the same one that keeps on visiting.


    Betty Herring

    Hi, I live at Waihau Bay in the North/Eastern Bay of Plenty.
    Have 100 plus Swan Plants and since the beginning of January have had heaps of Monarchs, am kept very busy every day transferring caterpillars and squishing those dreaded aphids.
    Thought the wasps were at the nectar stage until I caught one eating a chrysalis, never seen this happen before. Some of my plants look like chrysalis trees!! Have at least a dozen hatching per day, really exciting, the opposite to last year where I had very few and yet the previous year had a good season like this one. Unlike the far North we have just had our wettest January, last January was our driest ever, maybe there is something in this?

    Cheers Betty



    Hi, I am in Ohaeawai near Kerikeri and the four large Swan Plants at our Play Centre are busily flowering and producing milkweed pods but not one Monarch to be seen!

    This time last year the plants were covered in eggs, tiny caterpillers, big caterpillers and the first chrysalis were appearing….could it be because we are having such dry weather this far North?




    We have had heaps of butterfly's in the Waikato area since Christmas. When I go for a walk in the evening I see so many – like 6 or 8 over a 1/2 hour. I have heaps come to my house but I have a few plants and so does my next door neighbour. I've been really suprised at how many I have seen.



    I've seen 1-2 on any given day here at my house. We're in South Auckland.
    They're around but not as many as we would like!



    Hi Chris

    It sure has been an unusual season. I'm in Russell and whereas other years you would see hundreds of Monarchs on a visit here, right now there are very few. However, I'm now seeing eggs on my plants and will visit some other plants I know of around town this morning to see what's happening there.



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