Where do Monarchs go at Night?

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    I wonder where the butterflies go at NIGHT?
    They are very active during daylight and do not appear to rest – at least not for very long. During the day cosmos & dahlia flowers cause a brief rest in their fluttering. There are LOTS of questions I have about butterfly daily habits.

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    Jacqui, Monarchs fly around my place when there is no sunshine. Like you I suspect they rest in trees.



    Thanks, Jaqui.
    Here in Shirley, Christchurch, its been a great January for butterflies. I have 8 small plants out the back garden & 3 in front. Often there are two pairs of the flutterers coming & going. I Have been observing flight height – cruise max about 3 metres and higher over roof tops.
    As for energy – where do they get that from? And how much does it take for them to do what they do?
    I don’t have any cosmos this year – I have photos from last year. I have seen the dahlia flower being attended to this January by the pair out front of the house. I don’t have any buddleias as I used to. But I have walnut & pine, Pear & Quince around me.

    Of all my asclepias, I am dealing to the caterpillars as I wish to conserve some plants for the last generation.

    The caterpillars are MONSTEROUS this season. Your little finger would be dwarfed by many I have around here.



    Well, I haven’t been around in the night to watch but I suspect that they’re roosting in trees around your property. We’ve been releasing lots over the past few days – they keep emerging even though it’s a storm, and they’re all over the garden on bushes and things, just blowin’ in the wind, hanging on tight.

    They need sunlight for energy to fly – incredibly active aren’t they – a wonder to watch!

    What are their favourite flower at your place? And whereabouts are they?

    Mine favour the Buddleias and Lantana – neither of which are the invasive weed so if Big Brother is reading this… don’t worry.

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