Where have all the Monarch Butterflies gone?

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    I have only seen one or two monarchs in our Christchurch garden this season. One laid several eggs on a plant purchases last year and we now have three chrysalis hanging from the swan plants. We bought several healthy looking swan plants from a reliable seller but have seen no more butterflies or eggs. We also have a couple of well established buddleia trees but nothing there either.The swan plants are in a sheltered sunny area by the deck as we had to move them last year due to wasps devouring the caterpillars. Oh well I guess we will at least have bushy plants for next year!

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    Thank you so much Anna. I am looking forward to more “foster babies.” We purchased a Caterpillar Castle through Trade Me this evening. I have emailed you with postal address. Cheers Colleen



    I have monarch eggs, and am happy to post them if you’d like. Just email me with your postal address: wordsfailme@xtra.co.nz



    Hi Colleen,

    We also had an extraordinarily slow start to the season here in Palmerston North. Plants with lots of lush growth and no monarchs. There was an occasional monarch sighted, and a bit of egg laying, then most of the eggs gone the following day. I saw asian paper wasps taking caterpillars, and managed to find and destroy four nests,which obviously dented the wasp numbers, but there was still the odd wasps seen cruising the plants. Then the few cyrsalis that had managed to make it hatched on Christmas morning (lovely present), and it has been all go here since. I think the asian paper wasps that ARE still around have turned their attention to something else. All-in-all a VERY slow start to the season.

    Heres hoping there will be a turn around for you soon too.

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