White Cabbage Butterfly/Green Vegetable Bug (Shield Bug)

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    The other night I was taking off a whole lot of yucky leaves, off my swan plant and I found a leaf with a HEAP of yellow eggs in rows all together in a rectangle shape.

    I've looked online and they look like Shield Bug eggs. Though the White Cabbage Butterfly eggs are similar, but I'm pretty sure they are Shield Bug eggs. I've seen Shield Bugs on my swan plant and I've also seen these small black flying bugs that from what I've read online are Shield Bug parasitic wasps. I put the leaf with the eggs on it inside a glass jar but because of the heat I think I've fried them. I was hoping to see something hatch out so I could find out what they are.

    I also found a very light green caterpillar on the swan plant and I just found another today. I've looked at the images online of White Cabbage caterpillars but I'm not sure it's the same thing.

    I really want to do something to get rid of the bugs and to clean the swan plant because I've had one Chrysalis go black and open slightly but nothing emerged and I took a whole lot of leaves off the swan plant because they had leaf spot or something. A lot were rusty colored with black specs or they had fluffy white mildew or something on the undersides. So I took all of those off. But I've noticed a few more have gone the same way. I don't know what's wrong with my swan plant… whether it's just on it's last legs or if it's diseased.

    But because I have eggs and caterpillars on the plant now I can't spray it. I put one very tiny pillar onto a leaf on one of the plants in the Gazebo but now I can't find it. We did have rain though.

    I don't know whether to move the other small pillars or leave them.

    I'm glad I bought a dozen small swan plants – but if I get a lot of caterpillars now I think they will eat the whole lot and be left with no food!

    I'm going to have to collect all the seeds from my seed pods when they are ready and sow those … then next Spring/Summer I should have tons of milkweed – I hope!

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    Hi Renee,

    The bugs may possibly be these critters. We see them on tropical milkweed here in Western Australia



    Hi Renne,

    There is a Moth whos caterpillars mainly eat the flowers. This was discussed last year at;
    This link should take you near the bottom of the page & there is farer links to pictures there.

    The White Butterfly won't lay eggs on a plant unless it detects Mustard oil is present. Swan Plants don't have Mustard Oil.

    Most likey the eggs are Ladybirds or Shield Bugs.




    Hi Renee,

    Good idea to bring some inside to see what they are, give it another go… They might be ladybug eggs, which would be a good thing…
    here's an image I found from google:

    have you seen any ladybugs or their larvae on your plants?
    (another image courtesy of google again)
    I have HEAPS of them busily cleaning up the aphid population 😀



    Ok I've identified the caterpillar as a Cabbage Worm. ? I guess that means a Cabbage Butterfly larvae?

    As for the eggs – I just found an image of Cabbage Butterfly eggs that look like the eggs I found. But it's still hard to tell for sure.
    I also find these on my clean clothing on the washing line! Not sure why they want to lay them on the clothing…
    I see a LOT of Cabbage butterflies here.

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