Which butterflies on coastal Bay of Plenty?

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    What can I expect? I am planning a corridor to attract butterflies onto Tanners Point.

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    Hello Nelson

    Not many people would know where Tanners Point is but I know it is just north of Katikati and reaches out into the harbour behind Matakana Island. You should get coppers and blues there as well as monarchs of course, and may even find admirals if you plant their host plants AND some of our wildflower mix.

    What sort of a site do you have? How big is it? Orientation? Shelter? What sort of plants do you want to plant… would you be happy with an untidy “wild” area or do you have/want a classical, formal garden?

    There is an extensive list of native host and nectar plants here:

    Native plants for NZ butterflies

    Look forward to seeing some further information from you.

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