Why aren't my chrysalis' hatching!!

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    In the past week I have had six chrysalis reach the black stage with the bright orange wings showing looking all ready to hatch – and they haven’t!
    The first one did start to, after an hour or two I helped it but it was very weak and obviously the wings did not grow at all and I ended up having to euthanise it. The body did look ok.
    I have already had probably 20 or 30 hatch and fly away successfully from these same plants, they are in my butterfly house and I keep them watered and misted.
    I’ve been raising monarchs for many years and there was nothing different about the caterpillars, they ate and grew ok then became ‘J’s, turned in to normal looking chrysalis and they coloured up and progressed as normal.
    Finally yesterday I had one hatch, it was fine and has flown away no problems.
    I’ve also had 3 more pillars turn in to chrysalis in the last 3 days so fingers crossed.
    I’m in Hawkes Bay where it’s been very hot – is it to hot for them maybe? But they are not in direct sun.
    Thanks for any thoughts.

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    I’ve had some problems with some of mine too. One I have no explanation for it simply did not hatch, Two others developed dark spots on them when they were green and I was not too surprised when they did not hatch after going dark. I have one at the moment I have taken to look after from someone who is sick. This one looks for all the world like it will hatch any moment and has done from Friday when I took it. but it looks like another fail. We are definitely not too hot in Welly. I’d be interested to hear any ideas too.

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