Will my Monarch caterpillars & Chrysalises be ok while I'm away?

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    AngieB – Christchurch – 1st time swan plant/Monarch grower.

    Please help??
    I am heading away for two weeks and during that time the majority of my Crystallises are due to hatch. I have a tarp covering the corner they are in to protect them from the wind & rain. Is is ok for me to leave the tarp over them for the two weeks I am away? There is a wee corner at the bottom where they can fly out if they are clever enough but I am worried they may get trapped.

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    I know exactly how you feel! The real danger is that if there are strong winds it is quite common for newly eclosed butterflies to be blown off and end up on the ground where usually their wings remain crumpled and they are unable to fly. Try to protect them from strong winds. You probably can tell I am in Wellington.



    Thank you for your advice, its very helpful 🙂



    I would mostly uncover the chrysalises so that the butterflies can fly away when they hatch. The chrysalises are fairly hardy and without our “help” they cope well enough with wind and rain, remember they are an insect that is used to “looking after” itself in the wilds of nature 🙂

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