Will the hot sun cook the chysalis?

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    I had me first success this morning. One of the chrysalis’s that had been hanging from a leaf on my swan plant fell off last week due to another catepilar eating the leaf. I was a bit worried it might have been damaged so i brought it inside and hung it somewhere safe. This morning out came a beautiful monarch. I was so chuffed. I check the swan plant regularly and any other chrysalis’s that are hanging from leaves or the near by bush (no room in there for their wings to hang) I bring inside. There are about 3 chrysalis’s out on the swan plant in full all day sun and being January its only going to get hotter. Im worried they will cook. There is no protection around them from other leaves as the plant is almost eaten. Should i bring these guys in as well?

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    They will cook if left in direct sunlight by a window. I got caught out like that. They are fine otherwise.



    Well done.

    In answer to your question: No, they’re used to being in the wild and the hot summer, they should be fine. They’ve been doing it for hundreds (?) of years. Most people only bring them in because of the high number of predators.

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