Wings are not flapping behind his back but rather infront of his body help pleas

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    New monarch butterfly seemed normal at first but shortly the wings are flapping down in front of its body rather than as normal behind it back can I do anything at all to help thank you Diane

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    Doesn’t sound good, Diane, best to euthanase the butterfly. Sad for you!



    Im sorry to hear that sadly it seems like this butterfly has structural issues that cant be fixed. I am always so sorry to know that some are not abled to be helped by us. I hava couple here Im tending to here and will need to assess what in their best interest. I always have tears for them every season.
    We do this in love and it pricks the heart when it doesnt work out for them.
    Sending you thanks and appreciation for your work with these precious little beings.



    That doesn’t sound good. 🙁 Have you tried holding him for a bit with his wings together behind his back to see if they pop back into joint? To be honest, I wouldn’t expect this to work, but I doubt you’ve got anything to lose by trying if he can’t fly. (I’d be happy to be corrected in that regard though.)

    If he can’t fly, there’s always euthanasia, or you could feed him and keep him as a pet.



    I want to add to my post that also his body is not straight it t looks tweaked or curves halfway to the end

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