Wings Dried terribly wrong

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    HI everyone, the latest boy got his wing still caught in the chrysalis where it dried to and he was swinging by his wing in the wind up until i found him, the other wings are dried in a curve over his body and the injured one stuck out in front of him. his legs are okay but the wings overhanging by his legs trip him up and make it difficult for him to balance.

    How can i help this wee man? the girl who hatched just down below him was perfectly fine!

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    So I do euthanase any butterflies that had disablities.



    Thanks Caryl, it is very sad but think we will have to euthanize him, his wings are terribly misshapen and we will not be able to do a wing transplant =/



    I am so sorry that I think he is very disabled and won’t be able to fly. I always give the disabled butterflies 2-3 days before I euthanase them which brings me to tears. Caryl

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