Winter butterflies

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    Miserable weather up here in the Bay of Islands and I went down to the swan plant area this afternoon, as I do most afternoons, and came across 4 new butterflies out….. not happy in the wet and cold so I brought them home. Found one wobbley butterfly that will never fly and was on the grass with a tiny skinny abdomen… he came home also and drunk for about 15 mins and filled up….

    this weather is rotten for them :( I’ve got so many butterflies inside at present…. come on Mother Nature… give us a break please :)

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    My hubby brought in a butterfly that had only just died, from off the drive. He was still all floppy and I never got one iota of movement out of him after warming him up by the fire. He would of been one of my releases a few weeks ago. His abdomen was full and plump. He was an average sized perfect butterfly other than just very slightly faded wings. I was sad to see him. There was no evidence at all of any wounds or anything else that is suspect. Wonder why he died : (.

    I’ll keep him for his wings, and see if I can utilize them for someone else later on sometime.



    Good one Gill … I hope you checked on Hugh’s chrysalis by the garage (where all the seedlings are growing). It was on a swanplant pod 🙂

    I tend to visit parks during bad weather to see if I can find any in distress, but when they’re not new they’re remarkable survivors. I did find a female once on the ground, with a strange wound where her wing joined her body. She couldn’t fly and I brought her home.

    Wonder how long the wobbley butterfly you found had been around for?

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