Winter Over Females

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    I am wondering if any research has been done in NZ regarding how long winter over butterflies live into the spring? I still have an odd winter over one visiting. My first eggs were laid 3 September so that makes the female I saw today surviving almost 3 months into spring. I have had no butterflies eclose, still 2+ weeks away. Are winter over butterflies alive in other areas? I am in Wellington.

    Also has anyone ever seen a J morph into a chrysalis and then morph back into a dead caterpillar. I had this happen last night. I was not mistaken. There were only 2 J caterpillars inside on that one plant and the other remained in a J until this morning.

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    Saw a male from the overwintering generation in my garden this morning, Caryl. He was desperate to meet the females that I haven’t released today yet!

    Mary in the Bay of Plenty (Te Puna Quarry Park) who tags about 2,000 monarchs each season had two of hers return (March and April) and mate in the butterfly garden this September? October? She was very excited, as you can imagine, and so was I!

    Never witnessed what had happened in your second paragraph, no.


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