Would it be possible to have coloured tags next season?

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    Blake in Porirua

    Hello again

    Just thought I’d share some feedback I’ve had this year.

    I’ve had quite a few comments (from people I tell about the tagging program) that it’s incredibly hard to notice a tag on a monarch. And especially if it is flying. The crux is that due to the plain white colour with black font many have said it doesn’t stand out/ catch your eye. The underside of the wing is slightly paler so I can understand how the tag blends in with the black patterns on wing as well.

    I can envisage the reply to this will be that a coloured tag will be more expensive, and it may affect the butterfly mating or make it a target for predators.

    Are all the overseas tags also white?

    Knowledge shared, wisdom gained 🙂

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    rob cooper

    imm a coloured tag on a orange wing think white stands out very well on orange,as for seeing a number on a tag while they are flying yea maybe if you get a shot with a good camera



    >Hello Blake – yes expense would be what I was thinking.

    I took this photo of a monarch on Montanoa grandiflora and then I noticed another monarch higher up.

    Monarch on Montanoa grandiflora

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