Yellow Admiral butterflies feasting on over-ripe figs

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    I have often seen tropical butterflies in butterfly houses feeding on ripe fruit,but have never observed this in the “wild” before, with NZ butterflies. I was home in my garden about 10 am (rare event) and saw several Yellow Admirals sucking the sticky sweet ooze out of over-ripe figs on my tree. Have often seen wasps and honeybees supping on it, but never butterflies. There are lots of nectar plants in my garden, favourites at the moment being hebes and a kind of chrysanthemum that Mary Parkinson gave me,so it’s not that normal nectar alternatives are not available.
    Has anyone else seen fruit “nectaring” occur?

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    Bron and Camryn

    I haven’t seen butterflies doing this yet outside but when I feed my indoor butterflies they always go for the bananas before anything else. I put fruit outside often so I am hoping to see wild butterflies doing the same. I used to have a fig tree but don’t recall anything other than small bugs and wasps eating them.



    Yes, I see them enjoying pears fallen from the tree (wasps as well unfortunately)

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