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    Yep have plenty of plants (300+) and have plenty of host family’s to send them on to!

    There is a Natural healing collage down the road from me and they have nettle in their garden (its a great medicinal herb) and I give them eggs and larvae, they have moved a pot of nettle into the main foyer, will send pics and its amazing now when I take eggs eggs in, they all are becoming butterfly enthusiasts!

    The house is not set up the best, but it will do as an interim solution for now. Its amazing, they seem to like sitting on the door there are usually 3 sitting there when I go in. Within minutes of taking in any nectar plants or bunches of flowers they are feeding on them. They sip the artificial nectar first thing then spend the rest of the day on the flowers I mainly at the moment have Hebe, Stricta (Koromiko) which they just chow down on, they are also loving the Marigolds which are just coming back into flower after a severe dead heading..

    I have one butterfly that has started circling me when I go in the house and will sometimes land on my arm sit for a little while then fly off again, then back to the same spot. 6 times is the most its done it, very cool behavior.

    Congrats on the Reds, I have finally found an area in my region (greater Auckland) where people often report reds and have offered nettle plants to them so i can collect the eggs or Larvae. So next summer hope to have reds!

    I would love to see more pics of your butterfly house, the tubes they use for wintering, doorways etc.

    Well today is a rotten wet day in Auckland and there wont be much in the way of butterfly activity. But its great for the plants, My water Barrels are full to the brim!

    I better get off to work, Angie



    Hi Angie

    Those 200 eggs will give you plenty of work to do providing them with lots of nettles, the male should pair with the other females alright as long as the conditions are still good, I found that the Yellows like it Hot and sunny and the Reds like cooler conditions, the netting in my Butterfly house is pale white to clear and is ideal for providing the light level conditions as near to what they would get outside as possible, if you find that the conditions are to dark (this can be critical in the winter) try lining the Butterfly enclosure with fine clear carrotfly netting I think this must be available in NZ but if not click below for example of what I mean

    This netting is superb as it lets through enough light and the very fine mesh type, keeps parasites out of your Butterfly enclosure it is said to last about 5 years in direct sunlight but can last much longer.
    Finally I have just received some Gonerilla eggs from a breeder in the UK so I may get to see the worlds prettiest Red Admiral flying in my butterfly house once more. My Butterfly house is set up for just Yellow Admirals but these will look nice even if they don’t continue for to long.


    Over 200 from 1 captive female in my outside netted area! I released her yesterday and have this morning found 5 eggs outside, 3 on one spine and two on the leaf. I left the male she mated with inside, hoping he will mate with the other two brand new females.


    I have just been informed by Terry in UK that they can lay infertile eggs (laying eggs even though they have not mated)! I hope my lot of new eggs have little cats inside.


    HI Norm, you are so lucky! they seem to have stopped in my garden, but will keep an eye out. wonder what other areas are doing? Angie



    Hi all, after lunch today I went out to the vege garden which is a mass of tiny Urtica urens (nettle)seedlings, from seeds dropped from the nettle plants last Spring, and what should I see but a Yellow admiral laying eggs everywhere. I watched for about 10 minutes before she finally headed off over the fence. About 20 minutes later she was back to lay more, so butterflies have not tapered off their ovipositing just yet.


    I got home today to 24 new eggs that were laid, its very late in the season and was achived by a bit of light trickery. Angie



    Thanks for that Angie I have looked at the 3 plants I have and can’t see any eggs on the leaves but plenty of small pillars

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