yellow admirals

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    I never found any of the chrysallises but have seen new butterflies on the wing especially in the morning.Attempted to photograph one in my garden which was perfectly placed on some shade cloth,but then "murphy’s law" kicked in and suddenly our cat decided it was a good time to travel across the garden!!!!I’ll keep trying!

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    Hi Terry

    Hahaha – no that’s not me but I wish I looked that young, slim and pretty again. Gemma was from the Netherlands, and leaving me, she had stayed here as a WWOOFer (Willing Worker on Organic Farm) and I let her release the butterflies which were sitting in the cool area of the butterfly house. So when bundling them up into the net, I realised taht I had an Admiral – but presumed it was a Yellow one. Hence my screams of delight! How embarrassing.

    I do hope it now finds a mate – there are a few around – and I get my caterpillars on my healthy nettle – but I won’t mind if I just get YAs. Wonderful!

    Good to hear from you Terry.




    Hi all

    Nice youTube video Jacqui, was that you releasing the Butterflies?

    It’s great work you are doing encouraging everybody to plant nettles and help the Admirals, It’s wonderful to see conservation in action!
    Nice Monarchs I remember the fun I had over here in the UK when I used to breed them and the problem of growing enough milkweeds, The larvae eat enormous amounts of food and I could hardly keep up with them.



    Wonderful photo Shaun – I hear such wonderful stories from the South Island as to how they’re bullying each other and fighting, must be amazing to see!




    Congratulations! What a beautiful butterfly.

    Here’s a pic my the one that’s been fighting for nectar on my buddleias. I’m afraid that she’s (?) a little worse for wear compared to what she looked like a fortnight ago. The Monarchs have been bullying her mercilessly:




    Hello Reg

    I think they’ll come once you get the stinging nettle flourishing. I have released five or six this summer so far, and can’t wait to see my nettle being eaten again!

    I had an amusing incident yesterday when a Dutch WWOOFer was about to leave. I said we would take the butterflies from my butterfly house and release them in a sunny part of the garden. I gathered them up in a hurry… they were waiting with wings closed as the butterfly house was now in the shade, but it was still light and bright elsewhere in the garden. 15 Monarchs… and there was one other Admiral… Anyway, I’ll spoil the story – you can see the rest of the tale here:


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