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    I have been offered some YA eggs and caterpillars from north Waikato – I am in in West Auckland.

    Question is, if I am successful in raising them, is it OK to release them here.

    I have NEVER seen a YA flying in my local area – Henderson.

    I know they are around in some West Auckland suburbs.

    Am I best to release them where I know they will have friends to incease populations there?



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    Hey Swansong not heard from you in a while.
    Glad to have you back in the forum;-)
    Sounds like you have been busy with your YA’s you managed to get.

    Yvonne I agree it is hard to get your nettle patch established. But once you do everything falls into place;-))
    To have an endless supply of nettle is great! But best to have your own supply of nettles, and then you don’t have to travel to get plants;-))
    But in saying that we still travel to dig up nettles that people don’t want on their land;-)




    Lucky you have an endless supply of nettle 🙂



    Hey Trisha, thought Id chime in and just wish you all the best with the YA’s. They really are delightful :-), and theyre soooo quick. Im sure you’ll get heaps of pleasure out of them.



    Hi We have plenty of Yellow admirals in Auckland and I know of sites in Henderson and west Auckland (my first Yellows came from Oratia). email me on

    You will need a mesh that is small enough to keep an ant out to truely keep them safe from wasps.




    Hi Trisha,

    Ditto to Norms reply. Plus if you have plenty of Nettles growing to provide a food source for future generations, then release them from home.

    Other areas in Akl that have populations are Grey Lynn, Mt Eden, Oranga, Panmure & Howick. It would be good to add Henderson to that list.




    Thanks Norm

    Yes, I have nettles growing and more coming with the stock. And an endless nettle supply down on the farm.
    I have one caterpillar castle and one of The Warehouse laundry hampers – can get more habitats, if needed.
    I’d love to see them flying around here.
    I had heard they should be returned to where they came from – so no poinbt in raising them here, if that were the case.
    I shall give it a go 🙂 Such pretty wee things.




    Hi Trisha,

    The yellow admiral is an Australasian butterfly, and in Australia is recognised as a migratory species, capable of flying great distances. Such a strong flier would have no ecological boundaries within New Zealand when it is accepted that they make the trans Tasman crossing from time to time.
    So the answer to your question is yes.
    The caterpillars are voracious feeders, so I hope you have a large supply of nettles. Just make sure the caterpillars are safe from wasps, and birds love them also.

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