yellow bugs on swan plants

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    I have a garden full of swan plants but all the ends are covered in small crawling bugs. how can I safely remove them without killing the caterpillars

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    Hello Isabella – yes aphids.

    They will kill your plant if you turn your back.

    Somewhere here there is some information on how to control them, but if you want a copy, please email me, and I’ll send you one.





    Hi, sounds like aphids to me… FWIW I’ve just cleared my plants of an infestation, about a week ago. It took me a couple of days of being vigilant but I havn’t seen any back. Aphids are typically seen as clusters on the ends as you say. This year my aphids were orange with little black legs!! Yukk. Their colour can range from year to year. Anywayz, I squirted the plants with soapy water, and squished them as well, making sure I got everyone I could see, then I went out and checked again the next couple of days and getting the stragglers. The main thing in the end is to make sure they are cleared off of your plants, and you need to be on to it very quickly too, as they will multiply like nothing youve seen! Theyre shockers and they can severely damage a plant in 2 ups.

    Now, I would get all the pillars onto the least amount of swan plants I could while I dealt to the other plants, then I would transfer them back as soon as youve got the 1st lot cleared. I guess this totally depends on how many pillars you have as to how you might approach this. Whatever the situation, its desperate measures for desperate situations. My plants didn’t have pillars on either, and I dont how they would go on soapy water, so I would squish the aphids off a few plants then rinse the plants thoroughly with water, and put the pillars on those. Then do the soapy (I used dish washing liquid) water on the others.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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