yellow oleander aphids on swan plants Hawkes Bay

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    Every season right when I have many hungry caterpillar mouths to feed, my swan Plants get covered in these horrible aphids. They are a bright yellow and I know they are a milkweed aphid. But how do I get rid of them as they can quickly affect my plants which then begin to die off. Liquid detergent cant be used because the caterpillars will not like that either. I hop someone has an answer?

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    We are getting several requests for getting rid of aphids on Swan plants early this year.

    We recommend squishing them off and hosing remainder, to clean leaves. Hope this doesn’t mean an extremely bad year for aphids



    There is a great “handout” about them on the website, under Species/Pests. This will help you understand the nature of these little horrors. And then you can “out-think” them (hopefully).

    I had a burst of them a few weeks ago. You have to act immediately or they spread like wildfire… it’s never too soon. What I did was took a plastic bag to the plant, clipped off every bit of the bush that was covered with aphids – yes, even if you’ve got zillions of them. Sealed the bag and into the rubbish. Then I fed the plant well and watered it well, and they seem to have recovered.

    But do read the handout first in case you’ve already got ladybirds “working” on your plants, or even Aphidius colemani.

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