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    At the AGM last month we agreed that our organisation should be known officially as the “MOTHS AND BUTTERFLIES OF NZ TRUST”. However, while this more accurately reflects our aims and objectives we are retaining the name “MONARCH BUTTERFLY NZ TRUST” as an alternative name.

    As an organisation we are very concerned about reports from people prominent in the protection of our environment, and especially with regards to butterflies and moths. For example:

    At the MBNZT conference, noted NZ lepidopterist and author of BUTTERFLIES OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC Brian Patrick told us about a tiny purple copper butterfly which existed only in one coastal carpark. He said it was teetering on the edge of survival.

    Sir David Attenborough who recently featured on a stunning television series, Kingdom of Plants, is concerned at the effects of climate change in Britain and how it is affecting UK’s butterflies. Butterflies and moths there are declining rapidly there because habitats are being destroyed. Five species of butterfly have already become extinct in the UK and over half the remainder is threatened with extinction. This will be much the same in much of the world.

    In NZ loss of habitat is also affecting our indigenous butterflies, for example the endemic Red Admiral, for instance, and its host plant, stinging nettle. Not many people respect the importance of this plant to our NZ species.

    The size of the migration of Monarch butterflies, travelling from as far north as Canada to overwintering sites in Mexico is now down to 19% of what it once was! With the Monarch population at an all-time low, people are looking for ways to help – to protect the overwintering sites and to help Monarch butterflies throughout North America.

    Department of Conservation staff are keen to see more habitats restored for New Zealand’s unique and very striking Notoreas moth, which uses Pimelea species as their host plant. But, sadly, it is not a high priority for their overcommitted personnel. Some NZ Lepidoptera species are threatened with extinction even before they are described!

    The beautiful Forest Ringlet – unique to NZ – is no longer seen in many of its original locations. Why? Nobody knows! If we had the funds and resources we could do more to save it.

    Now you know why we really need your help!

    As you will see from the updated strategy on our website, we are even more determined to continue our achievements from the past seven years and make a difference for our butterflies and moths. But we can’t do it without your help.

    As well as focussing on gardeners and teachers this year to encourage their awareness of our NZ Lepidoptera, we will be holding displays in many larger regional centres and we would like those of you who are able and willing to volunteer to spend a few hours at one of our displays, talking to members of the public and encouraging them to join our organisation. There is weight in numbers.

    Every additional financial member means we can produce more resources and put on more displays. The resources can be shared around schools, and in libraries and other exhibitions.

    There is no need to know a lot about our NZ butterflies.

    There is a wealth of information on our website already – and people who ask can be directed there to find answers to their questions. But we need people who understand the need to protect our butterfly species to pass a little bit of their passion on to others who are unaware of them.

    If you have a few hours to spare, we would love to have you come and be on our stands at these shows. They are all over a weekend (Friday – Sunday).

    Waitakere (Henderson) 26-28 April

    Wellington 3-5 May

    Hawkes Bay 24-26 May

    Marlborough 5-7 July

    Nelson Ecofest 17-18 August

    Nelson 6-9 September

    Hawkes Bay 20-22 September

    Wellington 27-29 September

    Rotorua 1-3 November

    North Shore 21-23 March 2014

    Please – if you can help, flick us an email: Or perhaps you know of other people that might be interested in helping or joining our organisation.

    Feel free to pass this message on to others – or Scouts groups, Probus, Guides, walking groups etc. The more that get involved, the better.

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    Yes, would SO much appreciate more people on the stand. It is hard work when you’re there for three days – plus in Wellington I am giving a seminar each day at 12.30pm. We would LOVE more helpers.

    From the response we’ve had to other shows around NZ I think we’ll have to cancel our attendance – I just have to “get real” and get back to my paid job. Sad, but it’s a fact of life.



    Is there anyone else in the Wellington area who could take my place at the Wellington Show this Saturday morning (May 4th) helping Jacqui on the MBNZT stand?

    I have offered but now have family coming to stay – so it’s difficult….plus I have to travel over from Masterton.

    Many thanks to anyone who can help!!!




    The timing for the various shows are on this website – together with information regarding parking etc.

    Also, we can offer those of you who want to come along to the shows a discount voucher, a two-for-one special. You can access them here:

    Please say hello to us if you come by.



    The show hours are 10am – 6pm on Fri & Sat, and 10am – 5pm on Sunday.

    Volunteers will be free. More information about the shows here.



    Thanks people for your responses already!

    I am checking on the timing of the show(s)… Will post here soon whenI know.


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