The Monarch Larva Monitoring Project

In 2020 the MBNZT launched a collaboration with our North American counterparts, the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project (MLMP), to formally collect long-term data on monarch populations and host plant availability here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Over recent years the trustees have registered concern about the health of our monarchs. Monarchs are valuable indicator species… if our monarchs are under threat there are other species that will or could be similarly affected.

You can help! Sign up to the MLMP website and describe the site you will monitor. It could be your backyard, or the school garden, or a local habitat. Anywhere that swan plants are found.

You can monitor as many times a week as you would like and input your data into the site. MLMP has extensive monitoring training videos on their YouTube channel. There are also other reading materials which are very useful.

We are thrilled to collaborate with leading monarch butterfly researchers in North America and share our expertise of the NZ monarch. Monitoring for monarchs is the same anywhere in the world where they are found, and we are excited about collecting data on our beloved monarch beginning this season.

Every contribution helps and we hope to have many folks join us in this project with us!