Tagging begins in autumn and continues through winter as it is the overwintering Monarchs that we are hoping to track, to see where they go in winter.

Due to ever increasing costs of having our special tags printed and shipped from the USA they are no longer free. Sheets are $2.00 each, which includes P&P.

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What is the Monarch butterfly tagging programme?

How do I join the Monarch butterfly tagging programme?

What are these ‘tags’ and how do they work?

How do I tag a Monarch butterfly?

Will the tag hurt the butterfly or affect its ability to fly?

When can I order tags?

How do I order tags?

When will my tags arrive?

What is the best time to tag a Monarch?

I have tagged a Monarch. How do I record the release details online?

How can I check to see if anyone found my tagged butterfly?

I found a tagged butterfly. Where do I record that I found it?

What pests affect Monarchs?

How long have Monarchs been tagged?

What happens with the data?

How can I practise tagging?

Where are the full notes for tagging and transects?


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Monarch sightings (large numbers) 2005 to 2018

How do I delete last season’s unused tag numbers?

I found a butterfly I tagged…