Stunning high resolution photographs and information about NZ’s butterflies and moths. Each month has a full A4 page, showing holidays and with room to write special appointments. Back cover shows all photographs – images below are low resolution.

Reduced from $NZ15 they are now $5 each, plus $4 P&P for the first three calendars (i.e. $10 +$4 for two, $15 + $4 for three) to clear the balance.

You can order items by paying into the MBNZT bank account at Kiwibank 38-9009-0654693-00 and sending an email to with details of your purchase, your name and delivery address.

For larger quantities email our treasurer,

You can see a low resolution version here of the calendar for 2022: MBNZT Calendar 2022 20211001 low.

If you’re overseas, you can pay via PayPal. Email your details to

— OR —

you can find them on