These cuttings will be available by mail order around the end of August. Click on the link to see what will be available:

Cuttings for sale August 2021

Price(s) $12 for the first, add $5 for each additional cutting (any species), then add $12 for P&P.

(ie totals including P&P: 1 cutting = $24,  2 cuttings = $29,  3 cuttings = $34 etc)

Pay by internet banking into the MBNZT bank account with Kiwibank  38-9009-0654693-00  sending an email to  with details of your purchase, name and address.

These cuttings are NOT rooted. They are cut, wrapped and packed on the same day they are sent to you and should arrive in optimum condition around 1-2 September. It is your responsibility to have pots etc prepared for them as soon as they arrive. You will be sent tracking information and it is important that you watch out for them.


Cuttings will now be harvested after Auckland returns to Level 3. You will be informed by email when they are sent. Please bookmark this page for any further updates.

Note: After our Cuttings Sale in August we will have a Plant Sale (seedlings) in November/December in Auckland.