Payroll Giving

As you’re aware we’re always on the lookout for funds to help us complete our many projects. If you’re working here’s a way that you can help and once set up, it’s easy!

Payroll giving is good for us and good for you

Payroll giving is a scheme where employers allow their staff to donate to charities such as the Moths and Butterflies of NZ Trust directly through their payroll system.

It’s Good for Us: Payroll giving can provide steady income through ongoing donations which helps build the sustainability and effectiveness in community organisations like ours.

And it’s Good for You: You get an instant tax credit of 33.33 cents to every dollar (avoiding the need to apply for a tax rebate every year with the IRD).

What to do if your employer has enabled payroll giving

If you work for a not-for-profit, a large corporate or government agency there is a fair chance that your employer will already enable payroll giving. Your employer may well have an in-house form for you to use in setting up your payroll giving.

What to do if your employer doesn’t currently enable payroll giving

  • Contact your HR team requesting that payroll giving be set up. More information here:

Employers offering payroll giving will:

  • Deduct the chosen donation from an employee’s earnings
  • Calculate the appropriate tax credit for the donation (33.3333% of the donation)
  • Record this tax credit on the payday filing employment information schedule
  • Transfer the donation to the MBNZT as the employee’s organisation of choice
  • Advise the MBNZT (that the donation is from payroll giving from you.)
  • Keep records of the amounts, tax credits and dates for your information.

If you are retired – and your friends or family know about your passion for butterflies – please share this information with them. We thank you for your help, if you are able to do so.