There are three different levels of ‘membership’

  1. Join the Moths and Butterflies of NZ Trust as a financial member (or renew)

  2. Help with our research and become a citizen scientist (tagging and/or transects). FREE!

  3. Join the forum and get the e-news. FREE!

1) Join the MBNZT as a FINANCIAL MEMBER and receive our quarterly, full-colour informative magazines

As a voluntary organisation we depend on our financial members to support the ongoing work of the trust.  The subscription is only $35 per year if you are happy to download your magazines as a pdf file, or $45 per year if you would like to receive your magazines in the mail.

To join up go to THIS PAGE

2) Help with our research and become a citizen scientist

You may also wish to join our tagging and other research projects. There is also no charge for this as we need as many volunteers as we can get! Join up link below but remember to tick the taggers box in your website profile to get access to that protected part of our website.

Only people in New Zealand can tag butterflies for us but anyone in the world can join the taggers mailing list if they are interested in our tagging research. You can download full instructions about our research project here:

Butterfly Project

To join the Butterfly Project – don’t forget to put a tick in the Tagging and/or Transects boxes

3) Join the FREE forum and get the e-news

The forum is available for anybody to read but only forum members may post on it. There is no charge but to save yourself embarrassment please read the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), the hot tags (to the right) and Forum Guidelines before making your first posting. The guidelines keep our forum a friendly and safe place. The consequences of breaking the rules range from looking silly to having your post locked or deleted, and in an extreme case to having your membership revoked.

Joining the forum should also add you to our email list. Join the Forum and email list.

If you move house, change your email address, want to start or stop tagging, or just want to unsubscribe please remember to update your details in your website profile.