Feedback from Flight of the Butterflies

The feedback from the movie was all that we could have wanted and more. Here are some excerpts:

“I loved the film and so did the other Enviro Lead teacher I brought from our school. We both thought it is an excellent film for children to see, especially because it personalises a butterfly and tells a story. It also touches on environmental problems such as loss of habitat, climate change and chemical spraying which are topics we often cover at school.” – Jillian

“It was fantastic. Awesome. Didn’t know much about it, but it would teach my kids a lot.” – Peter

“I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and as a teacher would love to show it at my school. It really highlights the problems for the monarch butterflies and raises lots of points for discussion. It also shows the beauty and preciousness of our natural world and how important it is for us to preserve and appreciate it.” – Kathy

“This astonishing film was entrancing from beginning to end. 3D technology enabled us to feel surrounded by butterflies as if we were in the gardens and fields ourselves. New aspects of the life-cycle of the monarch butterfly surprised even the most enthusiastic Monarch-watchers among us. The photography was simply stunning, especially the close-up images of the tiny eggs and larvae. This hour-long treasure deserves to be part of every school science curriculum; it teaches children many values beyond just the scientific facts: perseverance, love of nature, the power of one person to change things, respect for life, an appreciation of the effects of environmental changes in our world alongside the simple magic of the Monarch butterfly itself. Highly recommended and enjoyed.” – Gillian

“…superb cinematography. I was amazed by it. I had no idea that they (monarchs) went so far. No idea at all. So that was quite a learning curve for me. Really enjoyed it.” – Bob

“…as a science teacher of year 7 and 8 students, I thought it would be fabulous to be able to show it to them. I had butterflies hatching in my class and taught students how to tag and get involved in the programme. There were high levels of interest in the students. Being able to see the movie at the right time of year that tagging takes place here would be key I think. We would like to set up a butterfly garden at the school to promote the cause and I really liked the way the movie showed the story behind the current tagging programme.” – Julie

“…valuable in many ways. It was an excellent example of what you can achieve if you keep your passion and your belief in your dream alive! It demonstrated how one person’s determination can make such a profound difference to our world. It showed not only the beauty of the monarch but how amazing the process is from egg to butterfly. What can appear to be a simple transformation is indeed more complex and unbelievable than any science fiction I have ever watched!  I really hope that in this era of technology that school children across our country can be encouraged back to nature by viewing this brilliant 3D film. What a great opportunity to begin to understand how important our butterflies are and how we can look after them and their habitat. Thank you for giving me the chance to see something so unique. I will never forget it!” – Diane

…discussed it with the students today and they have assimilated a lot of information from it that would normally take a long time to teach so great for me too. We study migration in general during Year 13 and the migration of the monarchs has featured in several exams over the last few years. The film will really stick in their heads though and allow them a context on which they can build answers that involve other aspects of biology such as the adaptive advantages of migration. The monarch butterfly migration is an oddly confusing topic to study from a textbook and so this film has really helped. It also gave them a sense of how beautiful the creatures are and how stunning the length and dangers of the journey. On top of that it gave a human dimension to a scientist which is always valuable for them to see. – Richard