Forum members can upload photographs together with descriptive text (e.g. “This is the pest that is killing my Admirals” or “see discussion in forum titled ‘Unknown nectar flower'”) by emailing them to

The photographs should be of good quality and of butterflies or moths, host plants, nectar plants, or great new ideas to help the butterfly gardener. We receive countless photographs of a “nice Monarch” so no more of those please – just the extraordinary ones!

Please also ensure any unnecessary text formatting, personal greetings, signatures, advertising etc has been deleted. Your subject will give a key to what the photograph is of (e.g. not “photo” but something like “Male Yellow Admiral” or similar). And the text should describe why you are posting the photograph – for example “Note the pink spots on this Yellow Admiral – is this common?” or similar. Why are you posting the photograph? To illustrate…

The photographer retains the copyright of these photographs and has given us permission to use them in our magazines or other material (with acknowledgement to the photographer). Should you want to use any of these photographs please email with the link. We will endeavour to put you in touch with the photographer/owner.