Butterfly Gardening

The following leaflets will give you information on how to begin encouraging butterflies and other insect life into your garden. Feel free to download them and print them out – you will need a pdf reader installed on your computer.

More will be compiled as time and funding becomes available.

While bearing in mind that various species of insect and animal (e.g. social wasps, possums etc) have been introduced into New Zealand and these have played havoc with our endemic species, natural spaces are the way that Nature intended them to be. Nature and biodiversity are meant to be varied – not just a monoculture (of one species of plant or animal). All creatures depend on others (plant and animal) for their survival. In terms of Nature, nothing is considered a ‘good’ (or a bad) one. Everything is part of the food chain.

A central principle of ecology (the study of ecosystems, ecosystems being the natural unit in which a species lives) is that each living organism has an ongoing and continual relationship with every other element that makes up its environment

There is more about NZ’s biodiversity here:


However, if you want a garden full of butterflies, you must start with a space that is butterfly friendly. Download the article on ‘butterfly gardening’ for ideas, and to get a list of typical nectar plants, download the colourful poster.

There are ideas for removing the major species that affect your milkweed (e.g. swan plant) and the major predator of caterpillars – the social wasps on the accompanying page on pests.

More will be uploaded as time and funding permits. Please consider joining the Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust so that we can put together more of this information. You will need the current pdf reader to open these files.

Butterfly Gardening

Nectar Poster