Butterfly Gardening/Habitat Course

I thought butterflies only lived for a day… and that you couldn’t touch their wings or you’d kill them! What’s the difference between moths and butterflies? What plants do butterflies need, besides “swan plants”? How can we attract the beautiful red admiral into our garden? Why should I deadhead my nectar plants?

These questions are all answered in the “Create Butterfly Habitat” course which is run by the Moths and Butterflies of NZ Trust on line. It’s easy! At the end of the five lessons you complete a test – all in your own time – and you qualify for a beautiful full-colour certificate for your wall.

Information about creating a butterfly garden/habitat is made available on line. At the end of each lesson a test is completed, and the five tests are sent by post to the MBNZT at the end of the course. While it is recommended that the material be reviewed on a computer, it is also suitable for smartphones or other digital devices. Discussion takes place in the forum on our website.

Course starts on receipt of payment in full. Those who complete the five tests successfully receive a certificate which are mailed out within a few weeks after the tests have been received.

Lesson 1:
Typical butterfly
Understanding metamorphosis (life cycle)
Identification of the different parts of a caterpillar and butterfly
Different species which can be encouraged in a NZ garden/habitat

Lesson 2:
Garden design to encourage butterflies and moths
Making the best use of the space you have available

Lesson 3:
Host plants

Lesson 4:
Nectar plants

Lesson 5:
Challenges – pests, predators, diseases

The cost for the course is $95 for MBNZT Financial Members and $120 for Non-Financial Members. The latter includes an email membership. While the course is designed for a New Zealand audience it will still be good value if you live outside the country. Payment can be made by Paypal, US$60

Enrolments by email to treasurer@monarch.org.nz

Please tell us:

# Name (for certificate)

# Address (for mail)

# Email address that you will use consistently for the duration*

# How your payment has been made

Pay by internet banking into our account with Kiwibank, account number 38-9009-0654693-00.  (Please ensure you code your payment with your surname and send an email to treasurer@monarch.org.nz with details of your name, address, how payment was made etc.)

On receipt of your payment you will be sent a link to the course materials. We encourage anyone participating in the course to discuss what they are learning in the forum on our website.

* School and government department email addresses are not recommended as many of these servers block recipients from downloading material not pre-approved. Please use a personal email address.


Here’s a sample of feedback about the course:

“I have learned lots on the course, especially the sections on host and nectar plants and pests I couldn’t believe there are so many introduced predators. We don’t really have many wasps in Chch. Also the Garden Design section was really helpful and I would like to suggest that an the individually garden plan could be an “end of course” assignment (would need extra time to complete this). I really found the material beautifully presented.”

“Really enjoyed the course. Made me realise how much I actually already know. I am hopeless with all the Latin names of plants, not just these ones, just in general. Then to think I did Latin at school!  I would like to see the part about garden planning nearer the end of the course, after we have learned a few things about plants/pests etc. The actual garden plan might change quite about once you are loaded with knowledge.”

“As a former librarian and now a teacher, I can’t speak highly enough about the course – the links all worked, the structure was logical, supporting URLs worked, the layout of the slides was clear, images supported and extended my learning, sources were acknowledged and the cost was very reasonable. A course I will recommend to others!”