Nectar Plants for Butterflies

Many people contact us wanting to know what to plant to help the butterflies of NZ.

They do not realise that butterflies and moths need two types of plants – they need nectar sources (flowers) on which the adult butterflies sustain themselves, and the female butterflies will lay their eggs on the host plants. Each species of butterfly has a different host plant.

We are currently revamping our website so that we can give you more information in this area but we do have a list of plants, a range of nectar plants and some of the host plants that you can grow to bring butterflies into your garden.

Click on the link below to download the colourful poster providing information about SOME nectar plants. But remember – the best guide is to watch butterflies in action, and see what flowers they are nectaring on. They will alight in the middle of the flower, and stay there for a while. You may even be able to see the proboscis extended into the middle of the flower.

Often the plants are older varieties, found in well-established gardens. And remember that what works in one region of the country may not be suitable in another.

Nectar Poster

Nectar Poster