Collecting swan plant seed

How do you know when seed is ripe? Darren Gedye made these easy to follow instructions to help you collect your own seed.


Another easier way you can collect the seed is to buy small organza bags, available from party shops and “$2 shops”. These bags are intended for party favours but will last several years if used for collecting seed. Using them you can leave the pods in place on the bush and collect the seed after the pods have burst open. A week after the pods have opened, the seed is very easy to separate from the floss.

Ensure that the seed pod is free of animal life (e.g. aphids, ladybirds) before putting it into the bags. Also, seed should never be packaged in plastic as it will sweat and no longer be viable. Always use paper (or cloth).

The seed can then be sent to the MBNZT at either PO Box 44.100, Pt Chevalier, Auckland 1246 or to 3 Morpeth Place, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland 0600.