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The T-shirt Contest

There were five entries in our T-shirt contest which we ran in conjunction with Print Mighty. The winner will receive their T-shirt printed free of charge, colour and style according to […]

More or less?

Are there more or less monarch butterflies in NZ today?


Over the past 4-5 weeks my cinerarias have been delighting me… and the occasional butterfly has stopped by to enjoy them too. Cinerarias are a winter-spring flowering annual, and once […]

A few facts about butterflies

Fantastic facts about NZ’s monarch butterflies!

The Blogging Business

How can New Zealanders save our butterflies, if they don’t know they exist?

Great butterfly house!

Here’s a great butterfly house configuration – it’s the best that I have ever used. I bought this one second-hand; the photo was taken the day I collected it. They […]

Praying mantis eating a pupa

These photos were sent to us today by Karen and concerned friends at Little Einsteins Montessori. She said: “One of our budding little butterfly guardians was very upset to find […]

Whakatane Beacon photo

Alison’s suggestions for wasp traps

See Alison’s forum post: Paper wasps enticing nests being provided

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Overwintering cluster in tall tree very high up