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During winter frosts occur on clear, still nights. As the air outdoors gets closer to freezing (0o C), the surface temperature of your plants can go below freezing causing ice […]

Conversation with Sara Dykman

Imagine biking from Mexico to Canada and back again, with no support crew… just millions of monarchs to guide and encourage you. Sara Dykman wanted to raise awareness of the […]

Guest Post: Marion Leahy

We love hearing from our members. Marion Leahy wrote to us recently about raising monarchs. This is what she shared with us: I began studying the monarch butterfly life cycle […]


There are about 2,000 species of wasp in NZ and the five species that are a nuisance to us humans give the others a bad name. If you are encouraging […]

Monarchs on pumpkin? No!

Have you run out of milkweed (swan plant) and been tempted to feed them an alternative? Please don’t do it. Monarchs are milkweed butterflies, and their host plant is milkweed. […]


Aphids are very much a part of the complex natural jigsaw that is your garden. We need to understand the part they play in a ‘butterfly habitat’. In an earlier […]

The T-shirt Contest

There were five entries in our T-shirt contest which we ran in conjunction with Print Mighty. The winner will receive their T-shirt printed free of charge, colour and style according to […]

More or less?

Are there more or less monarch butterflies in NZ today?


Over the past 4-5 weeks my cinerarias have been delighting me… and the occasional butterfly has stopped by to enjoy them too. Cinerarias are a winter-spring flowering annual, and once […]

A few facts about butterflies

Fantastic facts about NZ’s monarch butterflies!