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Book: The Monarch Butterfly - new migrant

by Annemarie Florian

The Monarch Butterfly New Migrant

This paperback is all about the monarch and its metamorphosis, migration, overwintering habits, and the impact it has on New Zealanders. The importance of milkweed (swan plant) is covered in detail. Written by award-winning Anne-Marie Florian and illustrated by one of New Zealand's leading illustrators, Alistair Hughes.

A wonderful story to read to children/grandchildren. Read what our reviewer has to say:

"A great introduction and exploration into the monarch butterfly! With factually correct information alongside impressive artwork, this book makes a great way for children to learn about the life cycle of this butterfly species and how they may have arrived in NZ. It would be perfect for parents to read with their children, or for teachers to read to their students as an engaging way to investigate and appreciate our monarch butterfly, and open the door for further interest in monarchs as well as other butterflies and insects."

$28.00 plus P&P - $9 per book plus $5.50 if it's rural delivery.

ISBN 9781990003660, Upstart Press

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