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Caterpillar castles

Various sizes

Caterpillar castles are collapsible, lightweight and durable, and fold almost flat. They are washable; you can use 10% bleach solution to sanitise before reuse. Made of fine, black mesh to promote healthy air flow which keeps what’s in in, and what’s not in out. Large protected, zippered opening for easy access. Proven design used to raise thousands of healthy butterflies on potted plants or cuttings in water.

The fine mesh stop wasps and other pests, or caterpillars escaping. The fabric will wick away moisture fast to keep contents dry.

Why is the castle black? Black offers better visibility than white because white reflects light back at you. Black absorbs the light and it is easier to see the caterpillars or butterflies within.

Folding instructions as per this video HERE.

LARGE castles

(33cm x 33cm x 60cm) are a good size for 10-20 caterpillars.
Cost is $48ea (incl P&P). Add $5.50 for all Rural Delivery addresses.

JUMBO castles

(60cm x 60cm x 90cm) make excellent flight cages – you can leave your butterflies (up to 100) in there with nectar flowers until there is a fine day.
Cost is $87ea (incl P&P). Add $5.50 for all Rural Delivery addresses.

Payment to the MBNZT bank account at Kiwibank 38-9009-0654693-00 and send an email to    with details of your purchase, your name and delivery address.


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