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It’s amazing how much we THOUGHT we knew about butterflies and moths, but we’re always learning. These are questions often asked by new members who come to our site:

'I thought butterflies only lived for a day… and that you couldn’t touch their wings or you’d kill them', or 'What’s the difference between moths and butterflies?' and 'What plants do butterflies need, besides ‘swan plants’?'

'How can we attract the beautiful red admiral into our garden?' or 'Why should I deadhead my nectar plants?'

These questions are all answered in the 'Create Butterfly Habitat' course online. The lessons are suitable for a big screen or your mobile phone.

Certificates are mailed out within 1-2 weeks of receiving your completed assessments.

Lesson 1: Typical butterfly – understanding metamorphosis (life cycle) – identification of the different parts of a caterpillar and butterfly – different species which can be encouraged in a NZ garden/habitat.

Lesson 2: Garden design to encourage butterflies and moths – making the best use of the space you have available.

Lesson 3: Host plants.

Lesson 4: Nectar plants.

Lesson 5: Challenges – pests, predators, diseases.

Enrolments by email to . We will need to know your name, mail address, email and how/when payment was made. Pay by internet banking into the MBNZT bank account at Kiwibank 38-9009-0654693-00 and code your payment with your surname. On receipt of your payment you will be sent a link to the course materials.


Here’s a sample of feedback about the course:

'I have learned lots on the course, especially the sections on host and nectar plants and pests. I couldn’t believe there are so many introduced predators. We don’t really have many wasps in ChCh. Also the Garden Design section was really helpful. I really found the material beautifully presented.'

'Really enjoyed the course. Made me realise how much I actually already know.'

'As a former librarian and now a teacher, I can’t speak highly enough about the course – the links all worked, the structure was logical, supporting URLs worked, the layout of the slides was clear, images supported and extended my learning, sources were acknowledged and the cost was very reasonable. A course I will recommend to others!'

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