We are a not-for-profit organisation engaging with New Zealanders to ensure our biodiversity promotes a thriving moth and butterfly population. Membership subscriptions are vital in helping us protect these beautiful creatures for generations to come.

Your support helps us undertake the following initiatives and activities:

  1. Helps us to create and maintain resources on our website, such as the extensive glossary which helps with accuracy in descriptions, identification, and knowledge.
  2. Helps us create interactive and engaging stands for various exhibitions and gardening shows/festivals to educate visitors on New Zealand butterflies and moths.
  3. Helps us subsidise MBNZT visits to schools to educate children and teachers about the various NZ butterflies and moth species, including teaching them about habitats and lifecycles and how they can be protected so children embrace their importance in nature.
  4. Helps us fund our Forest Ringlet Project created to save a beautiful endemic butterfly species currently in serious decline. Little was known about this iconic species, but we are helping remedy that.
  5. Helps us provide educational resources and activities on our website for children to undertake at home and learn more about butterflies and moths in a fun and engaging way.
  6. Helps us fund visits to gardening clubs and community groups to educate and share our message of caring for butterflies and moths with people who aren’t aware of their existence or importance.
  7. Helps us produce our popular annual calendar which is filled with photos of gorgeous butterflies and moths and helps us raise funds for research projects.
  8. Helps us run our certificated butterfly habitats programme, to publicise great examples of butterfly habitat in local communities.
  9. Helps us engage with sponsors and supporters to run competitions and giveaways to benefit keen butterfly lovers.
  10. Helps us provide seasonable, informative advice throughout the year on what to plant for food sources, and how to best look after NZ’s butterflies and moths, both through our magazine as well as social media.
  11. Helps the MBNZT team regularly monitor government departments and legislators, and where relevant, lodge submissions for the benefit of our butterflies and moths.
  12. Helps us build and maintain a thriving network of butterfly-lovers so that information can be shared through a central hub, and so that all butterfly-lovers are better informed and educated on how they can help our NZ species.
  13. Helps the MBNZT regularly engage and establish relationships with New Zealand media to help educate all New Zealanders about protecting our NZ butterfly and moth species.
  14. Helps the MBNZT produce our quarterly magazine, BUTTERFLIES, providing informative articles of interest to butterfly-lovers both here in NZ and around the world.
  15. Helps the MBNZT to source and share information on hard-to-find plants and seeds which are important in providing a diverse range of plants and flowers for our butterfly and moth species.
  16. Helps our MBNZT Research Team undertake science projects to ensure a positive long-term outlook for our butterfly and moths and to learn more about these important species.
  17. Helps us educate home gardeners how to protect and encourage butterflies and moths into, and control pests in their gardens.
  18. Helps us create and update the online course to help YOU, butterfly-lovers, understand the needs of NZ butterflies and moths and how you can make your garden more attractive for them.
  19. Helps us produce a range of butterfly-related merchandise and products for home gardeners, teachers and collectors.

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Gomphocarpus physocarpus (Giant Swan Plant) seeds @ $5/packet:
Asclepias curassavica (Tropical Milkweed) seeds @ $5/packet - GOLD:
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Metamorphosis, A4 (P&P included) $6.50 each:
Metamorphosis, A3 (P&P, rolled in a tube, included) $12.00 each:
Milkweed for Monarchs, A4 (P&P included) $6.50 each:
Milkweed for Monarchs, A3 (P&P, rolled in a tube, included) $12.00 each:
Nectar Plants, A4 (P&P included) $6.50 each:
Nectar Plants, A3 (P&P, rolled in a tube, included) $12.00 each:
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Kiwiana Monarch Butterfly:
Large (415mm wide) P&P to North Island - $75

Large (415mm wide) P&P to South Island - $77

Medium (320mm wide) P&P included - $62

Small (240mm wide) P&P included - $52

Calendar 2022, $5 (plus $4 post):
A Photographic Guide to Moths and Butterflies of NZ $34 (includes P&P): Currently out of stock
Butterflies of the South Pacific $45 (includes P&P):
Sheets of envelope seals (six full-colour photos of Monarchs) @ $3/sheet:
Sheets of envelope seals (15 full-colour photos of NZ butterflies/moths) @ $2/sheet:

George Gibbs' book P&P included - $10

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