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Colour in the Red Admiral, label the parts.

Make your own Flip Book depicting the life cycle of the monarch. These are easy and fun to do…

1. Print out the template and colour in the pictures.
2. Cut along the dotted lines to create 8 flip pages.
3. Arrange the pieces in numerical order. Make sure the bottom edges line up.
5. Put a staple in the bottom of your book.
5. Flip through the pages to demonstrate the life cycle!

Click here for the template:

Make your own Pooter!

Click on the links below to download other educational stuff and fun activities:

Monarch Metamorphosis and Butterfly Gardening (notes)

my-milkweed-diary (Word document) – for students to complete, term project from when they plant the seed of their swan plant (milkweed) through to the laying of an egg on the leaf and the life of a butterfly.

Measuring Butterflies instructions (pdf)

Thinking Skills (pdf) This resource was prepared by Denise Tarlinton, Curriculum Support Teacher at Kurwongbah State School. Kurwongbah is a P-7 Multiage school in Queensland, Australia. Thanks Denise!

Munchin’ Monarch – a Flash video, can be played using a Real player

Also check out the resources on the Science Learning Hub of the University of Waikato:

– Rearing Insects

– Write an Insect Mihi

– Interview with Dr Robert Hoare

– Make A Wanted Poster for an Insect

and more – go to Science Learning Hub to find out more.

Camouflage theme (coming)



Butterfly Songs (Word document)

Then there’s a wonderful song by Rob and Denise Gibbs in the USA about the monarch migration from Canada to Mexico. Very catchy tune and simple lyrics for children…

Here are the lyrics and chords for the above:

Monarch Migration Song chords and lyrics

Then Elementary 5th graders who visited Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont in 2015 put together this song. They chose the topic, researched monarchs and their plight, chose the song, wrote the lyrics, and recorded the video during their visit. It was made as part of the Great Smoky Mountains Institute Tremont’s educational music video program ‘Creative Outlets for Outdoor Learning’ or ‪#‎SmokiesCOOL‬.



Monarch Crimped 1015 (art project – pdf)

monarch-colour-in-1015 picture (art project – pdf)

Origami Monarch

How to draw a monarch butterfly using markers and coloured pencils

Butterfly pop-up card (coming)


Monarch Maze puzzle (pdf)

Monarch Wordfind puzzle (pdf)

Flip Book Craft activity suitable for 8-11 year olds. Illustrates the life cycle of a butterfly (or plant, bird).

Jigsaw puzzle (on line) wth monarch butterfly.

Monarch Life Cycle Dice Game and cards Dice game

monarch-migration-outdoor-game A game for outdoors – great for a sunny day!

Butterfly Investigations

Science – University of Waikato

Landcare’s Pollination Project for Teachers

“Monarch Journey” Resources

On the Journey North website there are some great activities for use in schools. Try this link here.

Studying flight? Here‘s a great craft activity, a stylised representation of a Monarch which you cut out, fold and fly:

The Teachers’ Guide – free worksheets

From the ‘Flight of the Butterflies‘ the educational guide, adapted from the Canadian resource is Flight of the Butterflies.

On the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project‘s website, there are artistic expressions from their volunteers. Check it out: videos, essays, poetry and prose. You’ll find it by clicking HERE.

Still looking for more resources? This excellent guide describes and contains links available in North America for monarch conservation. Remember, that this guide and resources is intended for North America, where the monarchs migrate… many of the plants and other biodiversity is, obviously, relevant to N America, but you can always adapt the lessons for NZ.

Here are articles about some of the schools we’ve profiled in our magazine – we would LOVE to profile your school – please contact

2019 Autumn Grey Lynn Kindergarten pdf

2017 Winter Makauri Albany Junior High schools

2017 Summer Manchester St School

2018 Spring Corinna Hurunui schools

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Monarch Survival Game

From time to time we hope to add more resources. If you have something to share please let us know by emailing