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9 September 2022

To give our #sprayfreeleavesplease campaign a boost we’re asking people like you (who don’t like to see monarchs being killed by pesticides) to replace your profile picture temporarily with a meme just like this:


Or this one:


This should get people talking about our #sprayfreeleavesplease campaign!


I’m sure our monarchs will appreciate it!

Select which meme you like best, and save it to any or all of your social media channels.


Paste it anywhere. We don't mind if you decorate the local bus shelter with it!


You might like to design your own meme for your page. I’m sure your friends and family members will want to know what this campaign is all about. Be sure to include the hashtag #sprayfreeleavesplease.


If people want to know more, they can read up all about it here.

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